Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sancho's Hawk Blog~Seahawks Trade Percy Harvin: Sancho says "You should have drafted me to begin with"

Hello Fellow Seattle Sports fans,

Some of you are shocked and appalled that the Seahawks this week traded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets for a mid round draft pick. Hardly worth the financial investment the Hawks made for Percy. But what makes me really angry is that they did not draft Sancho to begin with..

Yes Percy on the surface was a pro bowl receiver, and had a great College career with the Florida Gators, but Sancho would not have gotten easily injured running to fast. My receptions would entail looking up at the ball, and mooning my defender before the catch. There would be an entertainment factor, and all my antics would be on field as opposed to Percy.   Instead of punching Golden Tate before the Super Bowl and giving him a black eye,  I would have punched him  in the stomach, so nobody could blame me. Instead of creating a mutiny in the locker room over Russell Wilson's leadership skills, I would have taken naked selfies in the corner and Instagram'd them on the opposing teams site before the game.

I would take my frustration out on the opposing teams, not my team mates. I probably would have played every down against Dallas last week, instead of sitting in the corner like a whiney bitch because Marshawn wanted touches too. And Uh, Doug Baldwin, put some Aloe Vera on those scratches Percy left when you fought before a pre-season game this last August. Sancho would help you rub one out if I was on the team.

I'm  a way better monkey then Percy Harvin, mischievous, and looking for trouble but always fun!
When you make a kings ransom to play a boys game, the hardest lesson is to learn that it's just a game.

Kiss, Kiss, Ta, ta, Goodbye Percy. Your handful of good plays will be remembered, but your mean monkey antics will not be missed.

Yours Truly,


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