Monday, January 20, 2014

We Love, Love, LOVE!! Richard Sherman Rants!

Stanford vs. USC, 2007: A critical juncture for two head coaches in college football. Jim Harbaugh, Stanford's first-year head coach, was facing the then-undefeated USC Trojans, and Stanford was a 41-point underdog. Pete Carroll, the Trojans' head coach, was at the peak of his career with one National Championship and five BCS appearances under his belt (which would end with seven BCS appearances with two National Championship appearances).

Stanford's coach had talented players on his team, including Tavita Pritchard at QB and wide receiver "Richard Sherman," a junior player that Jim Harbaugh really depended on. The only problem was that Jim's team mentality did not sit well with Richard Sherman's flamboyant character....

Anyhow, Stanford played a closer-than-expected game, and down by six points in the 4th quarter with 2:50 left, they were faced with a 4th-and-20 possession -- a near-impossible feat to overcome versus USC's number-one defense in college football. Well, going for the win (or loss), Pritchard finds Sherman for a 20-yard pass and he is tackled on the nine-yard line (first and goal for Stanford), and the rest is history. USC faces a bitter defeat to a now budding Stanford. The college rivalry within the Pac-Ten Conference would last for four seasons.

In 2008, Sherman had a season-ending knee injury just four games into the season. As a result, he was switched to "cornerback" -- a role that he really seemed to excel in. For the next year, Sherman would develop into the best cornerback in college football, despite Jim Harbaugh's tendency to sideline him to "Mike Thomas" for critical defensive plays -- "Stanford's other starting cornerback."

The 2009 season brought Sherman 112 tackles and 6 interceptions. A year later, Stanford would win the Orange Bowl and beat USC along the way, further establishing Sherman's dominance as a corner in football.

In 2011, when both Harbaugh and Sherman were entering the NFL, it was Harbaugh that allegedly badmouthed Sherman to other coaches and front-office types, thus tanking his value and making him drafted lower than expected. Harbaugh really never had the confidence that Sherman could change positions and succeed in the NFL.


Anyhow, I loved his NFC Championship after-game interview rant after the win over the 49ers because the 49ers'  receiver "Michael Crabtree" is not someone you would want to pit against the best corner in the NFL at the most critical juncture in the game.  But, then again, Jim Harbaugh has never thought that Sherman was a good cornerback. I'm not sure if that critical 4th quarter toss to Crabtree was intentional or not. But if it was, then it could have been deemed disrespectful to Sherman, because if Crabtree had caught the ball, it would have seemed that the culmination of Sherman's ranting and chip on his shoulder could have been silenced with one catch....

But, then again, it wasn't, so GO RICHARD WITH YOUR RANTS.. WE LOVE IT!!

Says Sancho..

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