Sunday, September 15, 2013

A rival in the 'Hawks Nest'

Today, one team will carry the momentum of being 2 and 0 for the NFL season, the other will be 1 and 1. This showdown is the Seattle Seahawks vs the San Francisco 49ers. Not just Seattle's division nemeses but the team who's living ghost "Mike Holmgren" carried our team to consecutive division and conference titles, and a Superbowl appearance. Needless to say he won a few Superbowls with the 49ers.
When compared to Jim Harbaugh's Orange Bowl win in 2010, the Hawks coach Pete Carrol's successful college football career with the USC Trojans consisted of 6 rose bowl appearances, 3 Rose Bowls, and 5 conference titles. Pale in comparison to the bullying that USC served to Standford, and the rest of the Pac 10 conference over the last decade. These guys hate each other.
The games are always close, and record wise the Hawks are 14/14 against San Francisco since 2003, with a majority of the games coming down to a field goal. If Sancho has to take a monkey guess. I'd say that the Seahawks win today. San Francisco has only beat Seattle at home one time in the last 3 years, and you can't disregard the contribution from the '12th man'.

The two most charismatic (and cute) quarterbacks (Wilson, Kaepernick) in the NFL take the stage to spearhead their teams to 2 and Ohh,,

But why not have front row seat? you can get tickets for the December game here:

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