Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roller Skating: You've Come a Long Way Zanadu!

In all seriousness you can't expect me to walk away from that joke! 
I am no expert on roller skating, I have not skated myself for years but I know that when I did I had buns of steel! 

Alright, so I'm not going to convince you that its a serious sport, but I think I can convince you that its really good exercise! 

Since the invention of the wheel and shoes there has been no reason to not get rolling, and what gives you that rush and makes you smile  has got to be a good thing!  Its so good for your mind, body and spirit to be in a sublime movement and it take balance and strength as well...

The 70's took it to a level of ridiculousness, does anyone else remember the gang of thieves on CHIPS who escaped time and time again on skates?! Always with disco music in the background?

They would usually look something like this woman but they were trained robbers who would jump curbs and dart i and out of street traffic to get away fro the cops. That's pretty athletic if you ask me

1940's Skate case

and then came the classic " Xanadu " , enough said...

Let the good times roll in Xanaland
Its summertime and time to get outside and play! 

Here's a song to inspire you

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