Sunday, April 21, 2013

To Ink Or Not To Ink, That Is The Question! NBA Players Who Are Slaves To The Tattoo Needle

Luckily, Chris Bosh doesn't look like he's suffering needlessly, if someone has any negative opinion about his INK, well, he just may meditate, take a swim, and then pray for his enemies....
Here's a little song to go with the story...

So glad the Heat picked up Eddy Curry this year so I could share that quote from his tattoo video. With Mike Bibby and Eddie House off their roster, the Heat have a lower tattoo percentage than last year, but their core of tattooed players remains surprisingly similar, with Bosh and Chalmers adding new designs in the off season.
Players with tattoos:
Chris Bosh
Bosh has an elaborate tattoo that covers most of his back.
Mario Chalmers
Last summer, Chalmers had Junk Roxxx of Junkyard studios cover up a tattoo on his right shoulder with a “laugh now/cry later” design.
Eddy Curry
One year, my sister and I celebrated her birthday by getting floor seats for the Knicks/Cavs game. It ended up being the first time LeBron dropped 50 on the Knicks. It was a tough game for Curry, and we sat among a bunch of longtime season ticket holders who were relentless, pointing out how long it took him to get from one end of the court to the other and booing every time he touched the ball. But I have to say, dude is kind of a charmer. In this video interview, he talks through his tattoos with a lot of smiles and a few jokes, including this deadpan: “”I was sixteen when I got my first tattoo. It was somebody’s name. So let’s talk about my second tattoo.”“
Udonis Haslem
Haslem, born and raised in Miami, loves Florida. Enough that he left $14 million on the table to re-sign with the Heat rather than go to Dallas or Denver. Enough that he got a map of the state tattooed on his back.
Juwan Howard
A 1996 Sports Illustrated profile reported that Howard has two tattoos: his grandmother’s name tattooed over his heart, and “Dr. J”, a tribute to his childhood idol Julius Erving, tattooed on his arm.
LeBron James
The website “” has a highly detailed timeline of James’ tattoos, going back to his high school days.
James Jones
Jones has a tattoo of a basketball on his left shoulder.

Mike Miller
Miller has a handful of tattoos, including a Celtic Tree of Life on his right shoulder, aonetime mystery unraveled by the great blog Son of Sam Bowie.
Ronny Turiaf
Turiaf has some great tattoos including a lion’s head and the letters “N L F” for “Never Lose Faith,” but when asked to describe his tattoos in this video, he goes straight to the Chinese character on his neck: “”Well I have the first one right here on my neck and it means family because I’m a big family guy.”
* and my personal favorite, John McDonnell : " Hubba Hubba " 
Players without tattoos:
Joel Anthony
Shane Battier
Norris Cole
Terrel Harris
Dexter Pittman
Dwayne Wade

And just one more song, just for kicks!

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